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How does it work?

SiteWorthChecker contains a collection for actual numbers of daily visitors and daily revenue from other websites. The visitor data is combined with information like the number of links that point towards the site, country, Alexa ranking and other data that is available online. All this information has been used to make a formula that uses the information gathered to estimate the website worth and possible daily income that the site has.

How accurate is SiteWorthChecker?

It is not an exact science, but it does give you a good picture of estimated worth, how many pageviews and daily ads revenue a website has. It can be used for numerous purposes, especially when doing research. If you want to buy a website or domain, SiteWorthChecker will give you a good idea about the daily ad revenue and website worth, before you contact the owner. SiteWorthChecker is good for any initial site comparisons or for just plain curiousity.

How often do you update your stats?

The 'Update Now' button will update the website data. You can re-check or update your site stats at anytime.